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This afternoon, I went to sun myself. I wore a regular cotton bra and a pair of cotton briefs... both were light blue with white stars and trimmed in violet lace. I felt very cute and girly wearing this. And the butterflies in my tummy were amazing. I walked to the pool with some short shorts on and a tank. Then when i laid my towel out on the lounger, I slipped my shorts down - kinda looking to see how the other people were reacting. Most people didn't even glance my way, but I couple of boys in their late teens were drawn to me. They didn't indicate if it was just cuz I was a girl undressing, or if they recognized I wasn't undressing into a bathing suit, but my panties. lol. well, I sat down, and rubbed tanning lotion into my legs before slipping my tank off, and doing the same to my top. Next, I laid back and just enjoyed a lazy afternoon, not caring what people thought. The sun was so warm. After about 45 minute I was feeling too hot, so I went to the pool and dove in. I don't know, but sometimes it seems water penetrates cotton undies quicker and better than bathing suit material. I took a lap from one end to the other and back... and climbed out. My "suit" much more clingy to my body than before... and more refreshing and sexy feeling to me. When I got back to my chair, I laid face down, and I guess the cool water evaporating my skin really made me feel like I had to pee. *giggle* I was so relaxed, I didn't want to get up again, so... I just let go right there, peeing through my panties. The water was still dripping from my body when I got back to my chair, but the majority of that was about 2 feet away from where my pee had soaked through my towel and was puddling below my hips. oops! Then, for about another 30 minutes letting the sun evaporate the water eventually my skin dried, and my panties and bra were nearly dry except for the wet patch i made between my thighs and, when I rolled over to stand - I noticed a sizable moist spot on the front of my panties... All in all, a very relaxing afternoon.

Without putting my clothes back on, I picked up my towel and walked back to my apartment to make dinner. And, I'm still in my panties about to fall asleep.
puddyls puddyls 26-30, F 59 Responses Jul 22, 2011

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Very nice , I hope the two boys enjoyed watching you cause I enjoyed reading it ....thank you ..

i'll eat that pretty pissy coochie and wake you up

that a awsome story


Girl...I'm much too exited to read more of your stories! This is amazing...I can imagine those teen boys losing there minds as you come out of the pool, light blue panties clinging to your beautiful tan body

You're such a dirty girl!

that is so so sexy

wow! i want to spend some lazy afternoons with you! love to see your clingy "suit".

wish you would include pics with your stories, would have loved to see the wet spot, what made it pee or ***?

I've always wanted to take a girl to the lake and have her spend the day in panties, not a swimsuit. That'd be great.

I love your thinking!! I do that too when I can. Too much work to always change into a bikini,and panties feel so much better under shorts all day than bathing suit!!
I love to swim in my underwear too. I usually have dark colors that look like a bikini, so who really knows?? and if the do, I don't really care. thats part of the fun!! ;)
i also like your face down, pee panty thing. LOL, I do that too, SHHHH! dont tell anyone, :)

Wow, wish u would pee ur panties on my lap....mmm!


I wish I was your panties and towel.

That's why I love it when a girl pees at the beach or pool. She can pee herself and people don't really know. The story got my **** so hard I almost came in my pants

Love your profile pic. Please add me......I'd like to see more of you.

yes that was a fun day realy

Awesome story.


This made me smile. My mom used to lie out in bra and panties all the time. It got back to us that a neighbor had seen her in the backyard and complained that she should wear a swimsuit instead. Being the practical nurse she was her response was eff 'em, a bikini is the same damned thing. thanks!

super sexy when a woman does it. I would not do it myself lol

you are a very naughty girl ..time to be spanked

try wearing tight bikini panties and a double thick pad in ur bikini panties under ur miniskirt and relieve urself

Thats a really good story. I have done this too but I was wearing a swimming trunk Im a man sorry. I did have a pee on the lounger sitting around the pool, made a big puddle underneath the lounger was fun though.

Thats so sexy!

ah sounds so naughty but fun ;-)

mmmmm would love to have watched that

Very sexy!
I'd love to eat your hot depths as you wake up :-)

Mmmmm very good n wet .

Would you pee on me

Cool story, and thanks for sharing. I wonder if anyone realized you were wearing a bra and panties and not a swim suit? :-) I wonder if you'd enjoy swimming fully clothed?

i dont know if they would. i mean. its kinda obvious. but, i guess not too much so. and i don't know. i feel like clothes would be too heavy and cumbersome when wet like that

The feeling of wet clothes is not for everyone. Personally, I enjoy the added weight, the cling, the shine out of the water - I find it erotic. Your mileage may vary! LOL