Wearing Outside

I love going out and about in a nappy and plastic pants under my clothes, with my plastic pants very slightly on show and wetting it. I keep my nappy on for as long as I can although it does get me very aroused and often have to find somewhere quiet so I can undo my trousers and grasp my hardness through my wet nappy and plastic pants for some furious rubbing until I get a lovely explosion of *** in my nappy. Even better though if there is another wet nappy wearer there to join in the fun, have you ever tried that, if not is it something you would like to do.I much prefer terry nappies, mainly because they hold more wee and don’t tend to leak. I also find them far more sensual under a pair of lovely plastic pants. Nothing quite like letting a flood of warm wee fill my nappy and feeling the lovely warm wetness spread and my nappy getting heavier between my legs as the day progresses. I also find I can keep a terry nappy on far longer than a disposable which I like as I want to keep it on as long as possible. Of course there are times when my terry gets too full and that begins to leak. I also find that disposables disintegrate too quickly especially when I play with myself. I use large square terry nappies which I pin in place, they are best but do also use terry pull-ups occasionally, which don’t hold quite so much wee but are not quite as bulky. This is not a problem at home when I enjoy wandering around in just my nappy and plastic pants. I also find the sight of a nice wet terry nappy under clear plastic pants a great turn-on.I love to see nappies and plastic pants out to dry on the washing line, it is a great sight but unfortunately not something you see much of these days. Anyway I am sitting here stroking myself in my very wet night time terry which is now very heavy, I made myself *** in it last night and want to *** again before taking it off and finding a clean one.

Dennap Dennap
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

I much prefer loose pants so I can grasp myself easier tee hee. How about you. Why not drop me an e.mail at edenisparsons@aol.com. I have lots of experiences to share which I am sure you will enjoy. Please be assured I am very discrete and understanding