Spanking/Enema /Rubber Panties

Has anyone ever had this happen, a 8 oz enema bulb or maybe two squirted up your butt, then a pair rubber pants pulled over your bottom, and then your hands tied behind your back during a spanking by hand, then a fast paddling with a wood paddle which is slightly bigger then a Hairbrush. Five minutes, fast and hard covering your butt to the tops of your legs, you are pleading to stop, begging too stop, all time the hoping you wouldn't lose that 8 oz or so of that enema solution, Wondering, why it's burning, what in it, Oh Oh when will it be over , and this paddling is making me feel like a 6 year, Sto STOOOOP. Pleeeeease Ouch Owwlll NoNoNONO

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2 Responses May 16, 2012

sounds like a naughty girl spanking

Never had that exact thing happen, but when I was little and got backed up, I was given a couple of bulb enemas then made to release on a potty chair. Then my bottom was wrapped in a cloth diaper and rubber pants in case of leaks and off to bed I was sent.....