As A Child

As a child I had to wear rubber pants until I was well into my teens. The reason for this was because I had problems going to the toilet. The pants went over a nappy and fastened with metal popprs down the side. They were pretty nasty to wear as they got hot and wet, not a great experience at the time.However, looking back the thought of them is rather thrilling!
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Having to wear them restricted my activities as a teenager, I dreaded going on any sort of school trip. However, I was good at sports and became an expert at hiding the fact that I had to wear a nappy and rubber pants by taking trousers and pants off at the same time and then stuffing them in my school bag! You just reminded me of doing that every games lesson! I was a very good footballer and was offered a trial for a top club in the North of England when I was 14. Sadly, the ovewhelming fear of the toilet prevented me from going on the required weekend away. Being caned or spanked was interesting in my later teen years!!!! (that is another story)

Wet rev, I liked wearing the plastic baby panties as a child and teen and now as an adult. have you tried plastic baby panties with and without a diaper?

I can imagine your embarressment as a teen having to wear rubber pants and the associated aroma of warm rubber. It couldn't have been very nice at all, I would have dreaded it - not like now however lol I try and wear them at every opportunity. Not nappies, I hasten to add, just the rubber pants. :)