Wearing Tights When A Boy

Growing up with just my mother and an older sister I remember seeing my mum's tights and my sister's tights drying on radiators. My sister wore black tights to school every weekday and took ballet classes after school and on saturday's, for which she wore gorgeous pink ballet tights. My mum wore tights to work and black tights to keep fit classes. She thought it perfectly normal to make me wear tights under my school trousers when it was cold. She bought me girls tights to wear for this purpose. At 10 she enrolled me in ballet classes and insisted I wear my older sister's black school tights to ballet lessons. Its no suprise that I grew up considering tights as a unisex attire
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I wore tights under my grey school shorts in winter. I also wore a velvet suit for church. Under the velvet shorts I wore white tights and also black mary-janes. I also did ballet and Irish dance (in a kilt).

Tights are great, and so are leotards for both sexs! Have you tried wearing leotards?

Love dressing in leotards and tights.

Great story and brings back happy memories of secretly trying on my sisters tights.
Whenever there was a fancy dress party I always wanted an outfit involving wearing pair of tights. Eventually my mother gave in to my wish to learn ballet and enrolled me in ballet school where i loved wearing black footed tights