Why I Hate Being A Nurses Aid

im 22 ive been a cna for almost 2 years
why the **** did i ever choose to be one.
my first cna job; which lasted for a year was a nightmare--
the woman were bicthes they inserted everyone--
i refused to do that b/c its wrong, i struggled with my assignment everyday
the other woman in their 40's were the nastiest ppl ive ever met
they wouldnt help and they treated me like ****.
i had an apartment at that time so i didnt have a chocie but to work fulltime as a cna.
i live at home now and go to college fulltime and work part-time i still hate my job i work three days a week every friday sat and sun i dread the weekends b/c i have to go work
my new job isnt as bad as the last--
it still sucks ALOT
if it wasn't for the pay $16pr/hr in the city, i wouldnt do it.
my asistant director of nursing is a bicth who treats every1 like **** i try to avoid her as much as possible
but i so depressed at my job its made me hate my life; its soul crushing.
the only way out is to obtain my nursing degree as a RN
i go to college mon-fri and work fri-sun i gave up on my social life and im hoping for a better future.
krismegoodbye krismegoodbye
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I know how you feel, i worked as a cna for years, i never liked it either. To me it was the most demeaning job i found. I left and became a crew leader at a food processing plant. It was the best choice i could of made, better pay to.

If you're this unhappy as a CNA you might want to consider a different career, because it's not going to get a lot better as a nurse. You'll still have to deal with people you don't like, and you may not have the same responsibilities, but as an RN you'll still have some pretty nasty things you have to do. Good luck to you.

Will being a nurse help? You will still be around thise evil people.