My Night As A Prostitute

I'm divorced now but when I was married my ex and I were hardcore swingers for many years. My ex especially liked to share and watch me with other men and on a few occasions I was offered money for my sexual favors. I was very hesitant the first time it happened but, with my husband's encouragement, I did it.

It was with the friend of a guy who was one of my regular lovers. My lover had told his friend about me but, for some reason, he didn't want to tell his friend that he knew me through swinging. Instead, he told this guy that I was a hooker and the guy insisted that his friend set him up with me. He offered to pay me $500.00 if I'd come to his hotel room and spend a couple of hours with him.

I did, and it was one of the most exciting things I did in all my years of swinging. To this day, that guy thinks I really was a prostitute. (But I guess I really was)

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Souunds like he got a great deal to get to be with you

Your husband is a lucky guy. I know if I had a girl friend like you I would want to eat her ***** out when she was done.

That is so hot that you came that highly recommended!

It is the oldest profession and when done willingly, it is the hottest...

Please add me

Awesome story. It's great to see you enjoyed it so much!

Theres no doubt about it.
But I find nothing wrong with it. People get paid for skills they have learned over the years, and sex is a skill.
Thanks for telling us about it


Getting paid for what you enjoy is the ultimate work experience.

wow, that was a really hot experience - I bet you still look back at it with a smile on your lips!

SingleNicole- we're All bursting to know - WHAT did you do with the $500 ? Did you have a good time with it ???

u sound so full of awesome experiences id luv to hear em all

You can give us some more of your accounts to read, if you'd like.................. :)<br />

If I'd been born a woman, I'd have a Rolls-Royce and a Mansion, now ! :)

A very exciting story Nicole. At leat you got something out of it, sounds like a great shopping trip to me.

Thanks JohnSmith2010. I appreciate the offer but I think my days of having sex with total strangers is now just a pleasnat memory. I still love sex but my tatstes have changed away from "strange" men.<br />
Kisses,<br />

would you ever do it again? if so, give me a shout ;)

Wiow, so now you have to tell us about the other times!

Great story. Did you do anything fun with the money?

Thanks for the comments. A couple of you asked if that was the only time I ever took money for sex and the answer is no, I did it a few different times. I also want to correct something I said. This wasn't actually the first time I got paid for sex, but it was the first time I went on a prearranged "date" where I got paid.

How Awesome!!<br />
<br />
You enjoy a fantasy, have great sex and have enough money to buy a flat screen tv <br />
<br />
I only wished I was the guy

hi Nicole, that's hot, but did you ever again think of doing that on a regular basis and buying a nice car with the sexymoney?