I'm a Trainee But I'm Used to the Smell

      I work in a plant nobody but only ninety four thousand people and there family would know in the whole country. And that's not a whole Lotta people.  Whenever you flush something down, or use the kitchen sink with a food disposal I'm someone who has to make sure our plant gets to reuse that water for other purposes.

    Trust me, you should visit your local areas plant. Its either called a Reclamation plant or waste water.  They will be glad to give you a tour. I mean your paying for water that you use, you might as well get to know part of where that water goes and how it gets back into creeks,rivers or streams for other uses.  I used to fish the rivers around my area and never noticed parts of it until i became part of this field.  I love to fish and I wanted to know where some of this water comes from other than rain. 

   24 million gallons a day may sound a lot but that's really much when you work with it. There a whole lot of math involve in this and it helps that you love a simple form of geometry and science that includes bacteria.  You just never knew that when you brushed your teeth that some of that water was treated and reused again and again for us to enjoy. Except the water bottling company where they ship out millions everywhere.

   There's a lot more of this interesting field that no one ever mentions unless the streets are flooded from certain manholes and some fish died in a private pond or river nearby.  Whatever you do, whatever you flush down we get to see it. No we don't pick everything out, but it does get collected in an area we like to call the BAR SCREEN.  Its the first line of defense so our systems doesn't get clogged up by garbage.  I saw plenty of used condoms, women's' pantie liners to every product they put on there body. I have one word "Garbage cans." Really people, try putting that into the landfill not flushing it down the toilet.  Torn up half dollar bills to even gold and that's another area that smells real bad.

    Its not for the heart of faints and people who hate bad smell. Plants are use to this, but you never grow tired of how bad it gets in the beginning. Mike Rowe from Dirty jobs would say he will never work in our jobs if he didn't have too. But when it comes out of our plants its much better and even has more oxygen for the fish. That's all i care about, the fish.

   In the summer time i love to go to the river and fish out the trouts in that park. Industries do not dumped out there pollutants into the open rivers like back then. Nope they treat it first in their plant and drain it to us.  That's why a bottle of your favorite drinks cost a little bit more. The hidden cost of a penny but it builds up as they make millions a month.  So now when i head out, i look for signs of health in the rivers or streams that i go to. not only am i a informed fisherman but an operator who creates a marvelous piece of what nature can't do on her own.  If she could it would take years to what we can do in a week. So remember, place trash cans where you flush and don't give us your unwanted oil.    

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

That's what my father did for a living. I'm sure you have many more safeguards than they did back in the 60's and 70's. They used to have a motto "Your **** is our bread and Butter!" LOL<br />
I still laugh at that saying..........

Yeah, I used to work in waste water treatment in the lab. We'd go to local hospitals and businesses to take samples and make sure they weren't polluting.