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I Love Helping People But....

 There is only so much that you can stand from a s*** center. I will be the first to admit that a call center is a great way of meeting interesting people, you get to help out others and feel that you have accomplished something. Unfortunately the drawbacks are way too numerous.

 Depending on your call center: you have to worry about replacing equipment ($4.75 to $65.00), your AHT (average handling time), your compliance (especially on days when you cannot find working computers) & KPI scores, Sups who don't care to help you out any and their doors NEVER close even with bad weather. They can change your schedule as much as they want, offer you less money if you are in a city that no one really has any job opportunities than the state just a hour away from you, keep you in queue each day and allow you to be abused by all types of people. I know the last is a fluctuater since I worked at one call center where you couldn't release an abusive call and now I work for one where you can.....

  Top the mess off, you have to worry about your systems being down without a script (there goes your compliance & AHT again), the "network" having problems and giving away too much information that isn't suppose to go out. And top it off if you become good at your job, they nit-pick you until they can find an itty bitty error or make something up. 

  Yep working in a call center is your key to mental, physical and emotional abuse as well as sometimes spiritual with a top heavy layer of dressing. If you need a job to kick you down then continue hitting you with an aluminum bat then I would strongly recommend a call center.

  And we haven't even gotten to the customers in this story. But I am sure that many readers will be knowing what I mean by that. There are a lot of great customers to talk to, they make your day easier and they are fun to talk with but they are a fluctuating bunch. Most of the time all the troubles are taken out on the call center agent - the cussing, the abusiveness, the rude treatment. *Sighs* I better give up this story before I need a drink just thinking about it.....

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 3 Responses Mar 1, 2009

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I feel your pain. Every morning that I wake up that I have to work, I just want to curl up in a ball and die. I'm grateful to have a job, but I continue to pray something better comes along.

Unfortunately we don't offer solutions while the newest markets are if their cells don't work, they have to wait 24-72 hours since we don't access to the switches in their network so the dealers, professionals, are cussing us out!<br />
<br />
And they want us to notate while we are in queue whether the call is dropped or not with nothing to stop the next call from coming in. I hate my job and how it makes me angry but what can you do when McDonald's has 500 applicees, another 400 will be laid off soon in this area and they are closing the call center down across from us. This economy don't look good....<br />
<br />
And unfortunately in this little poor stuck region, they don't have to pay the same amount as they do at other related call centers so we get less the pay than our equals in other states and even parts of Mexico!

Thanks I keep telling myself that I am lucky to have a job and that my brains can be used in better ways so I don't let them anger me as much. It's the stupid higher management that is about to drive me up the wall.