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 The job I do now in my life, that I get paid for, is a shipping/receiving clerk for an equine association. This has been the best over-all job I have ever had. The pay could be more, but the perks are great. I work only forty hour weeks, except during our World Show, which we have every year. I have weekends off, been there long enough to have dental, three weeks paid vacation, medical insurance (just pay for myself), and nine paid hoidays plus sick days and one personal day. I love my hours and my coworkers are great! I just get frustrated sometimes at the way the management does the staff here. I don't have everyday contact with the BIG BOSSES (EC board), but I hear so much crap it's unreal! I do good most days. I think everyone has days they just want to gripe and complain and moan and groan! I am trying to curb that myself! Any help from anyone would be great!

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1 Response Feb 18, 2009

That's great you have a job you enjoy overall. A lot of people are stuck in jobs they just don't enjoy.<br />
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I, too, have a job I enjoy now, after years of going from job to job & changing back and forth careers. My position is dead-end too, but I enjoy it's flexibility of how much I want to work ( & have benefits, vacation, etc.). I work with many different types of people in different facilities, so my boss changes from day to day (sometimes I don't know who my boss is that day! LOL). My position feels isolating sometimes because I don't always connect with same colleagues to exchange ideas or just chat. But the other workers are great & supportive! So that is some solace. I like the "team" inclusive atmosphere!<br />
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As for the moaning & groaning, ambsamatt, I have done more than my fair share of it & heard it too. It is sometimes hard to escape it, but I am trying by stopping, pausing, and trying to think (easier said than done! LOL) before saying anything. Other times I try to use humor (depending on the person) or silently tell myself : "Go to your happy place, just go to your happy place" LOL Sometimes this helps me, especially when I can't immediately leave the situation ( for time-out LOL)<br />
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Take care & keep believing........