It's Pretty Much What You'd Expect

Lots of computer screens, dorky but cool individuals, constantly joking around,etc.

When I initially started working here, I was flabbergasted by how the males treated me. I always thought it was a joke; that when working in the industry men were really the only ones in them... boy was I wrong. We have a studio of about 40 people, there are 4 girls.

Lets just say, I very rarely pay for lunch. And it's not because I "use" my female prowess, it's that the men here love treating the women.

I love my job, it's really relaxing and stress-free... except when crunching! ;}

Here are a few videos I found a while back that -perfectly- describe my day:

The programmers:


I know this is for VFX artists, but I have found, not only myself, but the majority of my co-workers saying stuff just like this. 

Yep, the guys I work with apparently do not have a filter. It causes some pretty awkward moments. 
LoveThyFate LoveThyFate
22-25, F
Mar 21, 2012