Wild Friday Night

I was so tired when i got home yesterday morning. For some reason I couldn't sleep except for like 3-4 hours all day Thursday, so Friday morning I was exhausted and slept from 8:15 am until 9:45 pm! Luckily Alex woke me up for work.

When I got to work last night Alex wasn't there, even tho he left for work 20 minutes before me. He did show up a couple minutes after 11 pm, hunched over in terrible pain. He said his back went out (that has happened twice before since I met him). He hobbled back to the office and sat for half an hour hoping that his back would loosen up, but it didn’t, so he hobbled on home, and I was left to work alone.

It was really crazy last night. I had both registers logged on and at times I had four people in line in front of each register. Then a young man told me that the bathroom was flooded. I went back and saw that the urinal was full to the rim with yellow water and the floor was soaked and there was a dirty wet track out of the bathroom and into the deli. I locked the front door and put a “Be Right Back” sign up and mopped the floor.

Knowing my customers like I do, I was afraid to put an out of order sign on the urinal. I imagined them ripping the sign down and throwing it in the urinal, or just peeing around it and giving urinal a test flush, or best case scenario they would pee all over the toilet in the stall without lifting the lid (like they do every night even when the urinal works). I could have put an out of order sign on the door of the men’s room, but they would have either ignored it, or went right over to the women’s bathroom and peed all over their toilets. So I decided to pull a table from the deli over and block off the hallway to the bathrooms and I put an out of order sign on the table. I know it was selfish to close both bathrooms off, but without Alex to watch the register I knew I wouldn’t have time to clean up the messes that the guys were sure to make if I let them in.

When the bars let out, a bunch of people came in, just wanting to use the bathroom. Most of them understood that **** happens sometimes and looked elsewhere for the bathroom, but a few people were really belligerent about it. screwing up their faces and saying WHAT??? like that was the craziest thing they had ever heard. I had one couple walk past towards the bathroom, when I had a bunch of after bar closing people in line, who didn’t like my tone when I hollered out to them that the bathroom was out of order. I was being pretty loud, because half the time people don’t hear nothing they don’t want to hear. A graveyard shift at a gas station is a study in entitlement; customers wanting what they want, when they want it, and hostility is close to the surface when their wants are thwarted. Anyway, the boy started challenging me, asking me where I go when I got to take a ****. I replied that I took a **** before the facilities started overflowing. I guess he didn’t like my answer, because he said I didn’t have to be a ***** about it.

Yeah, well I’m a *****, sorry, was my fed up reply. Then he threatened to come behind the counter and kick my ***. I told him to come on back whenever he was ready, and I’ll be here all night. He left grumbling and I turned my attention back to my wide eyed customers standing eight deep in line. He’ll be fine, I told them. Just blowing off some steam.

Another thing that happened last night was a lady picked up a phone from the counter and asked me who it belonged to. A young lady next to her said it was hers and put it in her purse and asked me for a cigarillo. The girl was really silly friendly, chatting nonstop while I rang up her cigar. I turned to take money from some boys at the other register and the silly girl asked if I was going to give her the cigarillo she’d paid for, and I tried to tell her that I’d already gave it to her, but she couldn’t find it. She showed me it wasn’t in her purse (but she did have a little bag of pot) and she defiantly didn’t have any pockets in the tight dress she was contained in. I admitted that I might have given it to someone else on accident and reached into my pocket to get a dollar to buy her another cigar. I was asking her to promise to bring me a dollar if she found the cigarillo later when a boy came in and asked me if he’d left his phone on the counter.

I described the phone, and sure enough it was his phone that the girl had put in her purse. I told him that she had it, and he demanded it back from her, but she acted like she didn’t hear him and asked me to go ahead and give me the cigarillo she’d paid for. When he asked her insistently to give the phone back, she said she didn’t have it, so I took her purse and asked her if I could check it for the phone, or would she rather I called the police and let them check it. At that she relented and agreed to give the phone back. The boy snatched the phone out of her hand angrily and stalked off.

Then that ding bat of a girl asked me again to give her that cigarillo I told her I was going to give her! She was obviously a kleptomaniac, trying to hustle me for a free cigar. I asked her for her ID and then wrote down her name and address and told her that I was banned from the store and if she ever came back I was going to call the cops on her for trespassing. She tried to argue that she didn’t have the cigarillo, so I picked up my phone and dialed “9-1” and was getting ready to hit the second “1” when the guys in line behind her told her to just go, before she gets herself in trouble. She did go, and then when it was time for the nice man in line behind her to sign his credit card receipt I realized that the pen was gone! What a klepto!

Anyway, it was a good night after that. I somehow managed to get all my chores done, filling the pop machines and ice chests up with ice, straightening the shelves, cleaning the coffee pots and cappuccino machine, putting the hot dogs and buns out, sweeping the parking lot and mopping out the store. And when I was sweeping out the new Doritos shelves in front of the counter, I was surprised to see a flash of plastic in the tiny space between the two racks. I pulled one rack out and there it was. The silly girl’s lost cigarillo.

Today I am glad to be off work, but I don’t hate my job. All the drama makes the job interesting I guess. The stress gives me a reminder to pray to my higher power. God, grant me the serenity… just those few words calm me down and remind me to be grateful that I have a job and a loving circle of friends and family and a best friend for a co-worker. I hope Alex feels better tonight tho, because Saturday nights are usually just as wild as Fridays.
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Jul 17, 2010