Why do managers shoot themselves in the foot (metaphorically speaking of course)? I've been working at Winn Dixie a total of a year and a half (since I came back) in that time I have went from part-time cashier to part-time seafood associate. I did not ask for this position I asked for produce and I still want to be in produce. I have recently learned that there are 3 open positions in produce and I have applied for 2 of the 3. I hope they don't pass me up again. The reason I say that the managers are shooting themselves in the foot is because they passed me up (a person with a burning desire to be in produce) and hired a few kids with no desire to either move up in the department or they themselves want to be in different departments. So the managers have to do extra work to hire more people because they either quit or transfer.
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good luck to you!

I work in produce and it is wonderful (:

At least your not asking to be a shift or a key. That would make them do extra work.

Sounds like you should defect! I used to love Winn-Dixie, but since Bi-Lo bought them up, I've turned totally toward Publix. They're closer, the service is better, the prices are comparable, and Publix is FL through and through. Maybe apply there, and you can get the job you want. I mean, if produce is your game, why would you want to work with stinky seafood? What is this, "The Nerdiest Catch?" You should work where shopping is a pleasure.

Publix is holding a grudge against me because I got fired from there 14 years ago so I am boycotting Publix. I tried to get back in their good graces and they turned their nose up at me in a rejection letter so **** Publix.

Sorry! Didn't know that would touch a nerve.:-(

That's ok, I might give Publix a second chance and try to apply again. It's been 2 or 3 years since I last tried.