International Students And Stupid Americans

Id say if any store is a breeding ground for bizarre drinks its mine, its on a major college university campus
Its also the only choice besided tim hortons. You see every kind of person and every kind of extra drizzle
2 scoops this, 3.4 pumps that blah blah nonsense. I swear these people order their drinks like that just to
Test our memory and patience.. a popular drink among the asian percentage of our customer base(85%) is
A "venti size green tea frappuccino with extra shot(didn't know they had any to begin with..) with add java
chip and no cream.. and no sweet! No sweet!" Seriously who wants to spend 5 dollars on a drink that is down
Right funky. Some people want us to blend the whipped cream into their fraps and want it topped with more!
Either that's bang for your buck.. or you're just fat. And then they're was this one tool who didn't know a cup
Of coffee from a stick in the dirt, but he'd come in once or twice a week always right in the middle of a rush
And interrogate me on if he should have an iced americano or iced coffee. When he setteled on a venti iceed
Coffee he then wanted us to add 10.. 10 friggin shots to that and like 9 pumps of hazelnut. We only have two
Mestranas and theresno way you're fitting all that coffee and syrup into a single cup, but hey wed do it. And
Of course his degenerate friend that follows him around wants the same stupid drink. But only with 8 shots
As if tha justifies it all. Then there's the weird health nut lady that just wants matcha and hot water.. gross! And
The very odd solo soy chocolate smoothie. I'm like really, espresso soy milk banana whey and too much chocolate
Sounds like it'll end up in the trash after one sip. Whatever.. I mean its cool to be able to tell a lot about a person
By how they order a drink.. my job is crazy, challenging, thankless and funny. Atleast I learned how to never order
Drinks if I want the barista at the store to think I'm a decent human. Somedays, I don't know what's harder between
Decoding horribly spoken broken english, pretending to be nice and easy going to every rude, stupid spoiled little snob who thinks
They know my job better than me, or just trying to not stress out when I don't have any more iced tea or frap roast left, my job
Reminds meto expect the un expected and prepare for watever.
Much love to all the other green aproned warriors! <3
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Oh, and just curious, is there any reason you've flagged this story as mature?

I'm posting frm my stupid phone and I'm sure I clicked something I didn't mean to. Hah I don't think this story is very risque.. but hey, maybe it'll stop my store manager from stumbling across my post.. haha

Thanks for your story! I love hearing about other people's barista experiences. I've made some weird drinks, but nothing like Matcha and hot water or those crazy GTFs.