one of the biggest challenges and also exciting aspects of working at a start-up is being on a part of a small team of people and working with whatever resources you've got. So in terms of EP, that means getting a coffee maker last week was a real reason to celebrate! Dawn and I have both worked in big corporate settings where the perks are huge, dinner is always paid for, there are huge staffs of people tending to your every need, but alongside those amenities you are also working in an environment where you have little autonomy, are micromanaged, little creativity, and few opportunities to advance quickly. A start-up is the exact opposite: we have a limited budget which needs to be spent on building the business not wining and dining the employees all the time, we share an office space with another company, and do all of the small nitty gritty aspects of jobs that would otherwise be sent to an IT or support staff of a big corporation. But alongside this we have immense flexibility and creativity in our job, more autonomy than any other work environment I've been in, and are rarely micromanaged. Plus there is a certain intangible excitement about being part of something as it's just beginning to gain speed and take-off.
Thanks to all the users who are helping us gain speed and make our jobs everyday worthwhile!
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Thanks for the peek. Also, I want to help a little on a regular basis BUT I have no credit cards, and do not plan on getting one. Also, I do not want to give access to any information about myself. How can I send <br />
some thankful gifts?<br />
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P.s. Thanx for letting us have a sneak peek behind the scenes of E.P.!

Your story was " Good to the last drop"! ;)