I Hate Working At Mcdonalds

I started working at McDonalds probably a month and a half ago. I really don't like it. The people don't make any effort to be nice. The managers are ******** and I just really don't like it.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

Don't get stuck there. Mine really sucks. The managers think its okay to sexually harass the female workers and nothing much gets done about it.

I'm currently working at McDonald's. It's the second one I've worked at, and I hate the actual monotonous job of asking people if they'd like to try an Angus burger or if they'd like to large size their meal, but, luckily, I work with people who are awesome, and I don't dread going to work. Well, not always.

Work i probably should get a job but now i know not to go to macdonalds :-) thanks Dom13