I have worked here for 2.5 years and it's funny reading people rant or record their rants about how PetSmart is evil and everyone there doesn't know thing about animals. This is very much true about the knowledge but not everyone is an idiot. The amount of fish tanks I have including my salt water reef could prove my knowledge of fish and my owning of rats. Nobody knows everything. The amount of customers that come in and are inbred side retarded is amazing so it's a never ending battle. And for PetSmart being cruel... That could be true but I know our store we are overly attached to the animals we get in. Remember people just because one person is evil or an idiot does not mean everyone is...
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I have a question about my tank I just got. Do ghost shrimp and betta fish get along? Do ghost shrimp eat marimo moss balls?

It's a common myth for people to think betas have a tendency to kill its tank mates which this can be true with fish it's same species or others like guppies or well colored platys and mollies because they feel they are a threat to its dominance. Betas can be placed with many calm hearted fish such as tetras gouramis which are in the same family. Many scavenger catfish such as corydoras, smaller plecotumus and hypostomus. Ghost shrimp are great in peaceful tanks as they eat algae, left over food, decaying plant matter etc but they are not hardy like ornamental fresh water shrimp. Snails also do great!

Thx u r so helpful this is my first fish tank but I have 7 pets! :)

Yeah I have quite the collection as well! Also the fish I named off do require filtration and heat around a preferred range of 78-82 degrees