Use To Work At Wal-mart And Now I Am Going Back!

I use to work for Wal-Mart and at the time I was working at Wal-mart I LOVED it, loved the fact that I was able to basically do anything I wanted from being a cashier, working in jewelry department, fitting room and etc, there we're so many opportunities.  The only thing I did not like about it was the pay and the hours... I went from working 40-50 hours to 12-15 a week, That highly pissed me off... but above all that I loved everything and the people, but I did end up getting fired because the last month that I was there I was having difficulties getting back and forth to work, but I was rehirable and  I am so glad that I will be working at wal-mart once again, but in a different county, can't wait, I have orientation 2morrow at 1 and i am excited!!! :)
ruddlindsey ruddlindsey
26-30, F
May 22, 2012