Circus Boy

Ever since Circus Boy moved into the cubicle next to me at work (we work for two different sections) I knew something was wrong. My cube opening faced his, so everytime I went out, I looked right into his cubicle.

At first, he talked REALLY loud on the phone. And suddenly, so that I would almost jump. Then he began making a lot of personal calls about his brother with schitzophrenia, his anxiety-ridden wife, and his children (he mostly talks about "Little Alice"). You can't help but hear everything. Finally, I got earphones and tuned him out.

I wish that were all, but it got worse. This man, who is in his 50's, bikes into work each day. He comes in sweating, wearing those skintight black spandex pants (who is he kidding??) and then, grabs his work clothes, takes off his shoes, and pads off in socks to the men's bathroom to change. This is a good thing, because for a while, he was changing in his cubicle. I am NOT kidding, I happened to walk out a few times and see him. I complained to his boss and then he started going to the men's bathroom, reluctantly.

Still not the worst. Circus Boy runs outside every day for an hour. He comes back drenched in sweat, grabs his clothes in his cubicle, pads off to the men's bathroom and is back in his cubicle within 2 minutes. No shower.

Still not the worst. He drops his sweaty, gross running socks, shorts and tshirt (he wears the same all week) and leaves them where they lay to dry out overnight around his cubicle! They are all over his cubicle, the floor, as if he just took them off and flung them anywhere.

I have complained several times and his boss mentions it to him and the guy just laughs it off or changes the subject and nothing is done. He is a civil servant (Canada), so of course, no one does anything more.

I believe he acts weird on purpose and that he knows exactly what he is doing. He knows people will leave him alone because of his weird behaviour , no one visits him. I have a son with aspergers so I know about strange behaviour, but this is different. It's almost like he enjoys doing what he pleases and to hell with everyone else.

There are other strange behaviours, but he is very tiring to be around. He started doing some really odd behaviour, constantly looking into my cubicle, looking over to see if I was there and then saying bizarre things, or doing a dance. Finally, I called the building guys, they came and changed my cubicle opening to the other side and added a panel to block him. Hallelujah!!!!

After that, he had some kind of trouble with the printer, I heard him talking to the poor helpdesk guy on the phone and he was completely lost, so I walked around (I am a tech person) and over to him, told him I could reload his printer, did it in 20 seconds, and all was fixed. He didn't even thank me. But he has been pretty civil ever since then, but he won,t talk to me or anyone else other than his section.

I wish I could feel sorry for him, but I really believe he knows exactly what he is doing. And he is the only weird person on the whole floor, and of course, I am the only one who has to deal with him. Thank goodness for earphones!!!

zinco zinco
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

If you read my post, you will see that I have tried to be nice to him. <br />
I try to put a humourous spin on what is really a very tense situation at work. He has purposely tried to annoy me at times, almost to the point of harassment, and well, I choose humour as a way of dealing with these people. They are all over, in all offices, and can often evoke very angry emotions from people.<br />
I'm sorry you took this wrong, but I'd rather look at this with humour than some reactions people have to rude behaviour in tight quarters.

I did not find this offfensive why was there a warning about the content?