Paul Rone Clarke Is My Mentor

Time for a break in tradition. I would like to introduce to my readers someone who has played a great role in shaping my career to date. An SEO professional and my own personal mentor Dr Paul Rone-Clarke.

Some of you may already know Paul Rone-Clarke from his SEO blog where he regularly writes about topics related to search engine optimization, link building and internet marketing.

These are not your ordinary blog posts, Paul adds so much value be seeing the patterns that emerge between seemingly different occurrences. How social media and brand building may not be the idea fit they first seem to be is one such article, and once read I read this piece it had a really profound effect on the way I approached my SEO techniques.

Educated at Edinburgh University and gaining his Ph.D. at almost 40 years of age after a career in manufacturing logistics, Paul is not your typical SEO professional. What probably makes a difference here is his business style attitude having worked and studied industry for almost 25 years before becoming a self employed affiliate marketer.

It seem there is no way around marketing something on the internet to make money. But sometimes that "something" can be as ephemeral as your own thoughts and ideas. However in the case of Paul's blog, he picked a link building application known as "Ultimate Demon". The thinking here was that he would only promote a product that he used himself and believed in.

Ultimate Demon is perhaps the most professional of SEO and link building products, and while it could indeed be used to create spam, the demondemon blog is full of very clean and ethical ideas for effectively promoting an online business using best practice for long lasting and Google friendly results.


In the mean time, Ultimate Demon aside, Paul has begun to promote himself. Linkedin, Facebook ,Twitter and Google Plus profiles have begun to bear testament to his prolific work ethic.

Over the coming weeks I will be taking a look at some of the ideas Paul brings to the table and how using simple SEO techniques and building links in a manner that is both time efficient and varied provides what he likes to call "long lasting Blue Hat SEO results"

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Jul 15, 2013