It Wasn't Always This Way.

I have to start out by saying that Sam walton was a good man, with good intentions.  I believe that if he were still around and healthy things would be way different.  The greed of this company is far worse than anything you could imagine.  To be an employee of this company and see first hand how they make alot of their money is sickening.  When I started with them 5 years ago Sam walton's principals were on the decline but still somewhat enforced.  Unfortunately, I don't have the option of quitting.  And when you emphatically disagree with a company's morals and standards it makes it extremely difficult to work there.  I have always prided myself on being a people person.  In every job I've ever had I feel like I go above and beyond to meet the customers needs.  In the same token I've never worked for a company that talks out of both sides of there mouth so much.  They cheer about what great customer service they give yet as an employee I am almost punished when taking time to help my customers.  I encourage my customers to complain about this, even give them the number to call.  Customers look at me like I'm the crazy one.  If more people demanded a higher standard maybe walmart wouldn't get away with so much.  As an employee I do what I can, even if it means making myself look bad to serve my customers. 

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I have worked for walmart for 12 and a half yrs and I have never seen such mistreatment of customers and associates as I do today.<br />
The store I'm currently at is terrible. They call us in on our days off (I'm a dept. manager, though now I'm not sure exactly what that job entails), they make us come in all hours of the day..sometimes 5 in the morning, sometimes spit shifts 7-11 am then back again at 7 to 11 pm. They threaten us this way "be lucky you have a job right now" . honestly sometimes i would rather be homeless in a cardboard box than work for walmart. sad but true.

I can't believe it, i'm finally free. I no longer worker for walmart. yah me!!

I can't believe it, i'm finally free. I no longer worker for walmart. yah me!!

I am sooo with you on everything.. Hang in there..

I've heard similar statements from the people I know that work at Walmart. I have noticed that customer service seems to be at the bottom of their list of priorities. At the store near me anyway. I guess I'm more observant than alot of customers because I'm a call center manager and know the importance of good customer relations.