Love What I Do....

Ok - I have seen many posts on sites about how much someone LOVES their home based business or job and when I was looking, it was very appealing but.... Once I started talking to people, most of them were NOT making the kind of money that they were emplying!

I was very lucky to have found a mentor to work with me as I didn't want to "host parties", or "sell miracle juice" or pound my friends and family into buying whatever it was. Being very aware of what the economy was doing, I also understood I needed to be "Global" in order
to make the kind of income that I wanted to make!

So, I searched, and tried a few things, then made the decision to utilize a program that I absolutely LOVE!

When I talk to others about finding the right home business, or even creating their own, I think the greatest assest is having a mentor to help you along the way! Success Leaves Footprints - once you can find someone to tag along with, it can truely make a tremendous difference in your life.

Go Out & Grab It - But Have Someone As A Guide.....

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Hi. Your story of working from home is interesting? What type of business do you own? Also, if you need some quick cash or a way to discover a new type of home based business you can go here:

What is Your Home based business ?
How did You find a mentor ?
I've always wanted what You describe but never found what fits ?

I have been working from home also. I can totally relate because when I first started I struggled for a while, so I do agree that you need a mentor. Right now I am with a company that is free to join and pays daily. It is what I do full time being a mother of 4:)!

someonefixme - you are right! There are so many things flying out at us it's crazy.<br />
<br />
Most of the time, I am very careful about what I introduce to others as it may NOT be a good fit. I encourage people to do their due deligence to make sure it makes sense for THEM....<br />
<br />
crushed4545 - I would be happy to tell you (ZeekRewards) it is the Marketing side of Zeekler, a PennyAuction site and is a very easy, simple system to use. This parent company has been around for aprox. 14 years and we did a great deal of homework before joining! I would encourage you to take a look at our informational video - no obligation! we are at If you have questions after that, then send me a note and we can talk offline.<br />
<br />
Whatever you do, try to find a mentor or someone to talk too - I am happy to just talk about this as it HAS to make sense to you and fit your needs!<br />
<br />
Let me know how I can help as I am happy to do so as an Open Networker!

Thanks so much :) I've been talking with a lady at work about doing some medical coding and transcription from home. I do wish I could find something I could make money at and work at home. Thanks again found one you love and are successful at? What is it? I would love to work from home.

Theres so many scams out there encouraging people to work from home and giving them the deluded idea that they're goina make thousands in a week. People are so poor and desperate they fall for it even when they know its probably a scam. I think a lot of people have been scarred by the making money at home idea. I know its possible but its very rare to be successful at it.