A Joyful Career From Home

Hi all,

I was an Executive Director at BeautiControl from 1987-2003 and was consistently a top 3 director and recruiter. I left the company after a friend and previous BC director shared with me information about the company she had left BC to begin working with. Since 2004, I have earned 1.9 million dollars, have a customer retention rate of 96% with no inventory and I could not be happier with the people I work with and the products that Melaleuca manufactures. I truly have been blessed!

I write in hope that I can pay forward the same success story that I was blessed to have shared with me. It’s my hope that any dialogue we might have would be a nice time to exchange thoughts together.

Please e-mail me at bschomp@gmail.com if you have any interest in our having a non-obligation chat. Below are two links that may give you a better idea who I am fwiw…

Thanks much,

Beth Schomp


BethSchomp BethSchomp
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

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