Yeah, Right You Work From Home

When my husband and I moved from NC to Germany, I had to leave my office job.  I worked out a contract with my employer to become a contract employee and work on projects that didnt require me to be in the office (research based and technical writing) 

I enjoy the freedom of my schedule. I can go to other appointments, events and not have to ask to leave.  I dont have a time card etc.  I dont have a boss, per se.  I dont have to get dressed but I do because then I become very lazy and dont even work.  I can do all my other housework, leave to workout, watch tv or stay up late to meet a deadline.  I really enjoy it, but it took several months to get used to it.

I dislike the lack of social interaction and relationships with the co-workers I left behind. I miss the mentorship from my boss and the general workplace environment.  I miss getting dressed in some ways, too.  I dont miss the gas bills, traffic, but I do miss driving my car.  I think I drive my car 1x a week to go grocery shopping? maybe?

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2 Responses Jan 12, 2009

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Try getting involved in some kind of activity so your not sitting at home all the time