For Better Or Worse

 I live in a kibbutz in Israel. From the age of 23 I walked to work. I got up with the sun, dressed and walked to wherever it was I worked at the time, welding shop, handyman, swimming pool, construction, and turkeys.

One day, after a long process, things changed. I had to find my own work, rather than be assigned a place. I chose to become a translator and began working in my apartment. Not even a five minute walk, just sit down at the computer and get busy. I can go outside and find someone to talk to if I want, I can take days off and pursue other interests without explanations. I don't have to get dressed, or wear something different every day.

It's not for everybody, but anyone who can motivate himself is welcome to try working from home.

jonquil323 jonquil323
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1 Response Dec 19, 2009

Very interesting jonquil. When i first saw your post about this i found this link and story and read about the "rules" of what it is like to live in a kibbutz. Is this true for your life? It is interesting that you can do your translating online and not in person. It is wonderful to have that freedom in your life. So far your life sounds happy :) Thanks for sharing your stories.