I Work Full Time

I work full time

I wake up 5 am

go downstairs and sleep again at the sofa

I go to work quarter to 7am

my lunch break is 2 hours so I can go online. hehe

My work is until 5

but the clock at my workplace is 20 minutes in advance

I go out at 5:30 pm
the clock at home is still 5:10

that's all. thank you.lol
friendlycat friendlycat
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2011

hey,,,I'm just kidding here...... :)

Hey .. who u were aim >>> noisy, crazy, weird, abnormal plastic students at :D<br />
If u love them u will understand :P

hahaha....very funny..I like this sound........Thank you LoL too........God bless you............:)