What Happened to Part Time?

so i started working my new job about 2 weeks ago and when i was hired the manager said ok, so you're going to get an average of 31 hours a week. well i was ok with that, needed more but i figured i'd give it a little time to see if i like it and all that. this week i'm schedualed for 42 hours, last week i worked 41 and my first week i worked like 33 or 34. i have been told they're amazed at how fast i pick things up, that i'm a life savior by getting things done, and that instead of switching me to nights and weekends which was the original plan, they are going to hire someone else so i can keep working during the day. i feel kinda proud of myself i have apparently made an impression.

tamarah tamarah
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 16, 2008

Thats awesome. In these days, any job is a good job.