Well, I Used To...not Anymore, and I Miss It

OK, I was one of those weird people, WHO LOVED WORKING.  I loved the challenge, I loved the value it gave me, I loved the money, the accomplishment.

I worked hard,  110%, yep that was me....and I tried anything I could get hired to do.

I started working at a young age.  Born in a time where you could easily get a fake birth certificate, WOOT, yep did that too!  Went to work as a waitress, made money, dropped outta school, self-taught myself and then went and got my GED.  Made money...made babies....made lots and lots of mistakes!

Well, I was one of those people that also had no self value so working was how I valued myself.  So, I raised my kids, did the full time + jobs, kept food on the table, roof over the head, and kept plugging along.

Worked as waitress, cook, bus-boy, restaurant manager, worked in factories (electrical and plastic), worked as an assembler, packer, stocker, machine operator.  Did a turn at retail as a cashier, clerk, accounting, receiving, management, deli. then there was thee jobs as 411 operator, caretaker for the mentally and physically handicapped.

OK, I did a little of everything.  I tried it all, If it were legal.  I LOVED IT ALL TOO!


But as we all know, all good things must come to an end.  I was hurt at work, and then my health just kept failing.  I realized I wasn't what I earned, what I did, or what I could achieve. 

I found out as well, I was not my illnesses. So, yep, I worked full time, part time all the time, but now I am just today time!


And it is just as good!

forceofnature forceofnature
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2 Responses Dec 18, 2008

I am so sorry. So many hassle through everyday, and never appreciate what they have. I have friends who wait and enjoy being laid off actually, never quite understood that.

good job! ive always liked to work too. but, right now i am laid off.