I Hate My Job

I work at a place where there is one person who is disabled. This disabled person isn't really capable of doing the job. Yet the manager covers for him and claims he does a fine job. But in reality, the rest of us have to work harder to make up for his bad job performance. It's really unfair, yea yea life isn't fair get over it. Well instead of accepting it, I would like to change it. Anytime someone stands up for themselves they seem to get thrown under the bus like they are the one with the problem, they are the bad seed. In my opinion the manager and this disabled person both could take a hike and the company would be better off. First off the manager is so lazy it isnt funny. I don't know how he got his job in the first place. I don't know, but I feel discriminated against. The manager plays favorites with the people who do the least work. The people who do the most work get sh*t on in the meantime. The manager likes to start work, then do 1/8th of that work, yea he wrote his name to the work. But then he will leave for the day and you are left to finish it. Oh and the disabled worker, he took lessons from the manager cuz he does the same thing. If they can't finish the work they started they shouldnt have started it in the first place. I hate cleaning up their messes when they leave. I hate being a fake, free assistant manager. No I dont get the title. No I dont get a raise. OMG! I don't know what to do. I am so upset.  Why don't they just fire me so I can move on. I am feeling like getting fired might be a blessing in disguise. But seems like this company dont fire anyone. They just make you miserable til you quit. I have never been fired before. Maybe if I do what I plan to do, which is go above the managers head to his boss, maybe I will get fired. I have complaints I am ready to drop off right now. Now I am getting cold feet though. I wish I would just go through with it. It will probably just get ignored anyway. Then the manager will find out what I have done and be even more of an as*hol* to me.  Oh what to do? I feel like calling in sick. Oh I should save calling in sick for Saturday. Then the manager can work with one less person. I am sick of working all the weekends while this manager takes them all off anyway. He only works this saturday cuz he is required to do so once a month. And trust me he barely does that. Not only does he make me work all the weekends, and he gets them all off, but he leaves work early and claims to the higher ups that he works oh 48-50 hours a week. He is a lazy, lieing, reverse discrimination, piece of you know what. OK enough ranting. I better get ready to go to that place which I speak of.

putrjnky putrjnky
41-45, F
May 28, 2009