I Work With Voices In My Head

i sit in my chair and listen to the voices in my head. sometimes they are polite. sometimes rude. they can be soft and concerned at times, other times aggressive and loud. yet all the time they want something from me. an answer, a solution, a little something extra or sometimes just an apology or just someone to hear what they so desperately want said. "YOU did this...". Me. the small part of such a large symbol yet i am so often labeled responsible for occurances which in fact i have no control what so ever over. what difference can i make?? i am but an ant in the population of this giant establishment. yet i continue with this cycle, everyday feeling a closer connection to the robotic words which are drilled into me yet somehow withdrawn from the situation altogether. just keep smiling " how can i help with your enquiry today???" the voices in my head they always respond.....

mel22 mel22
Mar 14, 2009