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My friend has crossed over to the legal side of business and opened of his very own head shop. Mostly we sell spice and pipes. We are in a very small office space (with no windows or air ventilation) on the second floor of a mostly deserted building, witch causes us some problems. The landlords think we're doing something illegal because of customers smoking herbal incents in the stairwells and having so much traffic in this little office space (not to mention my boss smokes spice in the office).
Were moving to a bigger space before this winter, thank god. Were going to paint the building rainbow colors and my boss is planning to buy out Subtrainia, witch is a punk/goth clothing store that only sells at local fairs and such. Its gonna be a much better store than what it is now.
It's the chillest job i've ever had, i'm sitting at work right now writting this and surfing the internet. Im the cashier, theres only ever one of us at the office at a time, unless it's social. Company nap time is from 10am to 12pm. Wear whatever you want. Free lunch everyday. 50% discounts on most pieces and all spice. I buy my hair dye from here too, only the best, Special Effects. (I have blue and purple hair shaved into a Mohawk). The only thing i'm ever worried about it getting robbed in this secluded building, my only protection is a golf club in the corner and a knife under the desk.
KungPOWKitten KungPOWKitten
22-25, F
Aug 5, 2010