Course Titles - Help!

Hi All

I coordinate a Life Skills Programme for a group of homeless men and women in East London. I also teach part of the programme. The Programme is made up of 5 modules as follows:

  • Basic Skills

  • Independent Living

  • Health & Hygiene

  • Therapeutic

  • Back to Work Pogramme.

I have just completed the design and editorship of our course programme for distribution to new clients, funders and other potential users. My boss has set me a task that is not really my cup of tea. She wants me to "sex up" the titles of the modules. Can anyone out there help?

Many Thanks

northendchamps northendchamps
1 Response Aug 15, 2011

This story has been highlighted as a new story by new members for well over 3 months now and still EP state they are aware of the problem.
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