"Its All About the Homies"

A client I had a couple of months ago apparently got out of the hospital started doing drugs again and then bought a knife at the drug store with a wad of cash no change.  Walked out side unwrapped the kitchen knife and randomly walked up to a school teacher sitting on a bench eating some saimen and stabbed her to death.  Wow.  Tripped me out.  I used to kinda like this guy.  He was definitely an ice induced case.  He cleared so fast and so completely.  That is the thing with ice as soon as you start using again you go right back to the worst you have ever been psychotically.  It like the drug carves groove in the brain and once you start it only gets worse and it can last for like six month even after they are clean.  I know a guy clean over 10 years and he still gets scratchy when he gets nervous.  Residual formication.  Its bad.    Fien d

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4 Responses Mar 2, 2009

I am interested in working in mental health, but have seriously wondered if I have the mental strength that it takes. I care too much. I suppose that a resilience could be developed? I guess the path will show itself if it's meant to be. I admire good professionals that truly have wisdom and care. Everybody needs help. Everybody.

I looked up the aritcle in the paper online. Sad...

This is truely a sad story. I work in mental health but not as closely as you do. I work for a center that does counseling and where people come to see pyschiarist. I hear about cases lthat breaks your heart.

That's the hardest thing about this field, I think - seeing relapse. I struggle sometimes not to take it personally, you know?