Beware of Anti-social Pesonality Disorder

I'm now going through an investigation at work because a pt. claims I threatened him and nothing happened but I was honest with him. I worked with this guy for like three or four years we did paintings together and worked through the steps of recovery like three times.  Bill Wilson the founder of AA had no idea what to call these guys or gals but said back in 1935.  "There are those who are naturally incapable of being honest with themselves.  They are not at fault they seem to be born that way they are naturally in capable of being honest with themselves they are not at fault that seem to have born that way they are natural incapable of grasping a manner of living that demands rigorous average their chances are less than average."

The only theory I've ever seen work with these guys is Stanton Samenow's work it is worth fortifying yourself with this knowledge.  Lucky I got a union or I would be gone already.  I got a kid to feed but antisocials only care about themselves.  Don't step in the way of their goals without support.  I'm going to Ala non.  Peace Fien d

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1 Response Mar 19, 2009

That sucks! I've been under mild investigation myself. Actually surprised I'm not again, due to a situation that happened on Monday(story to come soon). I hope that works out for you!