I have a shop! I have a shop! I have a shop!

About a month before Christmas I moved my whole life to a new city at the other end of the country to manage a store. Unfortunately Mother Nature had ideas that didn't correspond with the plans I had when I took the position - the shop is now a certified Danger Zone and we have no idea when/if ever it will be opened again. Thankfully Lady Luck intervened and another store is opening not too far away - I have been offered and accepted the management of this store - on whatever basis I like in regards to the future of my original shop.

I am totally thrilled. FINALLY some stability, some routine, some order after the constant (excuse my pun) shake ups.
For a month I have been a manager in name only - after I lost my shop, I started losing my team. I have been piggybacking on other managers and living in a limbo which wasn't getting me anywhere personally or professionally.
Its going to be amazing to have my own shop to run my way again.
YAY :)
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That's awesome! I love it when the universe smiles at you. :) What kind of store is it?

Thanks! Its kitchen and homewares - in the end I stayed at this particular store for 6months and it was awesome :) Iv now moved cities (again!) and am managing a new branch of the same chain. Its much more work and pressure but its good :)

Wow, you sound like a bigwig!

Thanks Gee and UC :) <br />
<br />
Im feeling SO much better - some normalcy for a change :)

Thanks Cheer Squad - you guys are the best! :) <br />
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A month to go before opening - recruitment has started already :) Get to hand pick my team! Yay :)

Good to hear fortune smiles down upon you, JB :)

Congratulations. I like what you said about normalcy and routine. I like that too. You must feel like you can finally breathe again, and feel settled.<br />
I'm happy for you.

Well they are paying for my transport.........but the commute isn't as far :)<br />
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Thanks FA, its going to be good :) Fingers crossed for no more quakes and all plain sailing. Iv had enough dramas!

Hey, awesome deal there, on getting your own shop! I hope all runs smoothly, and that there are no more tremors! You should be a good boss - just don't get too soft on the personable slackers :)<br />
Oh, and if you need an *** Man, I'm your #1 guy.<br />
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..just have to get the company to pay for my airfare :P