Retail Hell!!!

Lets just say that I hope to get out of this job one day. I live in a very small town in the south. There arent alot of jobs here at all. So, in order for me to survive I have to endure the pain and agony of this job.
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13 Responses Oct 13, 2007

Oh I totally understand.

I know the feeling sweetie!!! lmao Hopefully Ill get my *** in gear and go back to school!! Its never too late!! lmao

Alright- i just gotta say.. you all crack me up..<br />
<br />
beyond that- i used to work in a mcdonalds in a wal mart...<br />
it was awful..

You know what I meant smarty!!! lmao

Okay Okay!!! You win again!! Im WEIRD!!! Go figure!! lmao Im a lamo!!

Weird my ***!! lmao Im just me.....I love to throw it right back at ya!! always!! lol

Whatevah!!! lol

Nah youre not at all!! I can be too!! But cant we all!! lol

I got your point. I think sometimes I need something just to calm me down!! I can get very high strung sometimes!! lmao

Nice one Tia hun!! I like that!! lmao

Nah!!! I dont think anyone will!! But, I think some need to be on meds period!! lmao

Awesome Tia!!! Welcome to my world girl!!! ;) I love my job in the lab, but just certain customers drive me insane.

I work in a 1-hour photo....I like my job....dont get me wrong! Its just some of the customers and their behavior kill me. They act like you owe them something all the time! I work for Wal-mart!!