Undergrad Mania!

I organize biology teaching labs for 2nd year undergrads. They all think they have the smarts and skills to be CSI's or doctors. A successful day is one where there isn't a fire or an explosion. Actually I plan the labs so they are fail safe. The lack of technical skills is appalling but it is not the students fault. This school keeps cutting back the lab experience. I took 10 labs a term and every science course had a lab. Now few courses have labs and labs are every other week. My course this term has 4 labs. Next year the same course will have none. university science students from this institution will have to go to a college to take a lab technician course to get any lab skills. And the pre-med hopefuls - we like to say that we save more lives than most doctors by weeding out so many before they reach medical school. Don't get me wrong - I love lab work. I am just frustrated that so much of it is being taken out of science education. University science is becoming all theoretical. When these second year students try to do their 4th year thesis project their supervisors are in for a huge shock!

WintersChill WintersChill
51-55, F
Feb 26, 2009