Wrecking My Motorcycle

I work the night shift in the E.R. so of course when I was hit by a car on my motorcycle I told the ambulance to take me where I work, figuring I would get top notch treatment.
Well let me tell you, before my surgery they had to shave the area, at this point I was so high on morphine I didn't care who shaved what, but as I sit here tonight leg itching the fire out of me, it's kinda funny. They did take great care of me but those smart @** shaved both my legs, and I'm a hairy guy. All I can say is pay backs are hell, and so fun!!
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Isn't it wonderful to have friends??? LMAO!

<< Biting her tongue...

Be glad that is all they shaved, Scott!

Sorry to hear about your ride, man. But that is funny. Hope your recovery is complete.

My worst injury (non-motocycle) was a double compound tib-fib. They could have shaved me bald and colored me blue and I would not have given a damn.