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I was born in the vinyl/cassette era and dreamed of one day being employed as either a Rock Star or a Music Industry Weasel.  One out of two ain't bad. :)

Even though I play in bands for fun, truthfully I have very little talent in that area.  My real strength is New Media and Entertainment in general.  Currently I work for Universal Music in Universal City, CA.  But in the past I've worked for companies like EMI, Hits Magazine and UMe.

Some of the things that take up my time daily: Mobile Entertainment, Attempting to decimate the term 'Web 2.0', Staying on top of the eighteen new social networking sites that launch ever day, Getting prime placement for Universal artists on various music services.

An4h0ny An4h0ny
36-40, M
7 Responses Nov 13, 2006

I would love to work in the music industry, but with no experience (other than listening to music constantly and promoting bands on FB), it's a bit difficult, to say the least. I do write and I'm learning to play guitar, but just for fun. I have about 16-17 years of Customer Service under my belt. My ideal job in the industry would be helping musicians with odds & ends. I love helping people. Any idea how I could make this work in my favor?

Hi An4h0ny<br />
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I wondered, who are your all-time favorite bands and which well-known bands are you listening to right now?<br />
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What do you think of the UK music scene? Do you find it worth checking out?

Having fun is the most important thing.... :)

I play drums in a band and also sing. I'm not famous - although I wanted to be. My band writes a lot of great songs but we are average musicians. Still, we love playing.

Nice! It's hard to find a good songwriter. :)

Good, I feel at home already. :)

There's no music talent in here either! We all sing in the shower, and lip sinc to Prince!lol