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One Hucow

I worked at my friend's farm over summer vaction a few years ago. However, I did not work as any regular person normally does at a farm. My job was to be one of their dairy cows and produce milk to be sold in the market. It was one of my favorite summer vacation in my life. I was ****** repeatedly and have men empty their seeds in my breeding hole constantly while they give me some medicine for easy fertility. It did not take a long time until I got pregnant and started to produce more milk in my udders. I was milked at least three to five times a week. The most amount of milk I was able to produce was almost two liters of milk in one day. Unfortunately, I miscarried... At least I had a fun summer being a dairy cow. Now, I love being milked sooooo much that I want to open a dairy farm and have myself be one of the main cow for the milk production so people can sell my milk in the market. ;).

P.S. I did not know who the father was for my child. I had been ****** by so many people (including my friend's family members) that I had no idea who it could have been that impregnated me. It was also when I found out that sex with animals (other than dogs) can be very exciting and enjoyable.
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Which animals did you let **** you as a farmers son i know that they are all up for it given the chance ????

Is this true where is this farm I'd love to be a hucow they fascinate me

Wow I love how kinky you are! I'm a big fan of breast milk. I would squeeze your udders and milk you dry all day long

thank you ;)

Sounds like quite an enjoyable summer for you. Guess the cows, goats, and horses enjoyed the summer with you, too.

Pure dirt!

There is a good market for human milk, but I would love to have traditional dairy set up for hucows though.

Wow I'd love to get a few girls together make a hucow farm

i guess u shud b in my farm house then along wth other cows, on all 4s and rope tied around ur neck.. u wil have 2 remain there for one month or more totally naked, no washing, pee n poop wth cows, eat the scat of urs n cows , just b the dirty cow in the lot, n who ever comes 2 milk u shud hv to **** u n insert seed inside u, n u hv 2 give birh 2 a slutty baby in the farm itself..!
u wil hv 2 wear a butt plug like a tail n wen u wanna poop, just inform the master by licking his *** hole or lick poop infront of him... all the visitors will hv a go wth u, n u wud hv 2 stand n get humiliated there as a filthy cowm who smells nasty n hv the butt hole **** n hand n face all marked with poop, cow dung,..urine etc.. !

mmm I really like that. hehe thank you :)

i guess we shoul talk abot that in detail naa..:)

yes please ;)

come online u slag, r u too buzy drinking pee out there...?

Oh my god please make me your hucow. That turned me on so much!

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good little **** baby girl . horse **** u ? wished I was there. come to me i'll pump u full of *** and milk u .

the milking machines work good on men also,,,,

Nice, I have a 3 cow milking barn behind my house.

Wow you sound hot my wife is a horny obedient ****. We would love to talk more

i would love to suck you dry at least twice a day

hehe ok

fun story, love the phrase "breeding hole"

hehe thank you ;)

i have always wanted to have an experience with a hucow! i bet you have wonderful breasts and nipples for sucking!

awww thank you

I would love to drink your milk. Then I would like to eat my cream from your hot wet pie and share it with you in a hot cummy kiss.


wao. I would love to taste your milk. serious.

The loss of your pregnancy is unfortunate. Hope you recovered well.

Milking is very intense.. love doing it by hand - or using machines.

What kind of animals did you try?

How many men did it take to get you pregnant?

How were u milked

Sorry that you lost your baby

thank you for your concern. I am very grateful.

how many different animals have you had? what kind? which is best?

I'll use your milk to make Icecream and eat it all up! ;-)

i would to milk you dry and suck you dry

oh wow can i come over? i want some of your sweet milk in my mouth


i would definitely come to your farm

hehe, thank you. ;)

Very nice experience! So did you live as the cows or did you stay in the farm house? Was it really a vacation where you didn't get paid, or were you compensated for your work?

I stayed in the farm with the animals and I did get paid. however, getting paid was not really my intention. I just wanted to have fun.

What was wrong with the dogs?

lol, nothing was wrong. I just had different animal sex experience other than dogs.

That is so hot how do you get a job like that?

lol I was going to America for summer vacation and I needed a place to stay. my friend offered me to let me stay at the farm and I just had fun. ;)