I Work On a Dairy Farm

I work with calves every morning when i go too work..I  have one that was born  3 weeks early.. she is tiny so when iot get cold out like it does up here in western ny. we put her in what we call a hot box too keep her warm.. to day my big boss came and he forgot that she a very friendly calf.and he saw her running up and down the ally ways kicking and playing. he asked why she was out and i said she spent the nite in the hot box too keep warm but she needs too get too the cold also he agreed. well he was getting ready too leave the barn and he didnt pet her. she butted him in the head.and fellowed him too the door. until he petted her. i told him she is more like a dog the a calf. so he said he going to let the 4 H student raise her for the fairs and shows. once she leaves my barn in about 4 more weeks

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I grew up on a dairy farm, I never delt with the calves much , I did all the milking and my sister feed the calves . The last dairy I worked on was 23 yrs. ago , I was the herdsman for a 350 milking herd plus other ( dry cows calves and heifers ) since then I became a hoof trimmer , I stopped doing that 10-12 yrs.ago

That is so awesome!!!! Hooray for the little calf! What is her name? I know you have given her one...