I Am Trying To Transform

i wanna be hot, sexy, and rock hard and fit so i can beat my funrun record this year. but also the self confidence that comes from working out is the main factor. i can wait till i start getting bigger and stronger so that the ladies will probably wanna play with me, well the female staff keep touching me inapropriatly but imagine if they werent married? but yeah if i keep working at it, then i could become a whole new man, and to those who see this story, i say never give up when it comes to working out because it takes forver to get results, but they are worth it at the end of the day, goodluck.
jonnyronny jonnyronny
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

@DJK44 hi there, i have only just started about a month ago, so i have a long way, its just thats its so hard to see any differences so i am hoping to do this for longer because i think the chages and results will take me a long time. its so hard for me to gain mass, but i know i'll get there.