A Day Without A Workout Is A Day Without Sunshine

I started working out a little over four years ago. I work with a trainer two days a week and do cardio three days a week. On Saturdays, I run 10 to 12 miles. I do not always enjoy the workout but love the feeling afterwards. Nothing energizes me more than the early morning workout followed by swim in the pool.

The shape changing effect of the work out has been quite rewarding. I have to admit when I step out of shower immediately after a session I love the definition of the muscle that show after afterwards, the butt is a little tighter, the pecs slightly bigger, and the abs a little tighter.
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Yeah. I took my bike out today for an hour in the heat. Then went to the gym. I love the feeling too. I am frustrated, though, that my gut is not disappearing like I thought it would. I think I'm doing everything right here. But my trainer says I'm gaining muscle at the same rate as I'm losing fat. I'm open for any advice. I'm not overweight at all....6-2/195. But I'd like to--once in my life--get buffed and look really good. I do love that feeling and love putting on my pants and having them be just a bit too large.

Getting ready for 1/2 marathon this fall. Hour in the gym than a 6 mile run. Like how I look with my pants down! LOL

I'm not quite ready to post pics of myself with my pants down. But I don't think I'm that far away either. I've been hitting it hard with this trainer for about 5 weeks now and riding my bike or doing the rowing machine on off days. While I will probably never be an underwear model (this is what I tell people when they ask me why I'm working on this), I do like the idea of really looking good naked. And I have thought it would be interesting to be a model for art students....just a little fantasy of mine. I hinted at this fantasy to an artist friend of mine and he took me quite seriously and suggested I really do it.

Also...I don't run. But I would like to. I have just never run enough that I got past the dread factor. I'm open to suggestions on how to nurse myself into a positive addiction for running. A good friend of mine has recently gotten into it and is pimping me to do races with him this Fall.

My goal is to be fit enough to fulfil my bucket list of going to a nude beach and look good. Not an underwear model but good.

You're pretty much there I'd say. I'd be happy to be as buffed as you are now.

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I had a friend that loves to workout, his muscles aren`t that huge but he`s really strong that he scares me when he gets angry because when he holds me I start feeling dizzy.<br />
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If you`re a ma with principles and manners then I encourag you to workout.