Getting Bored

Im getting bored with my workout i feel that its not working and i need a new diet plan. If anyone has any tips on losing weight or toning let me know. I get bored easily with exercise and diets.
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Well, it depends on whether or not you know your body type and what makes you fat and what slims you quickly. I suggest keep working out. Maybe hire a trainer who can train you the correct way. Work out with a regime and eat healty.. you can do it.

Tips for losing or toning into lean muscle: No carbs after 2pm, 6 mini meals a day, nothing but water and dont eat 2 hours before bedtime.:) Pretty simple. I did this and didnt even eat that healthy just ate 6 times a day in small meals and I stopped eating sugars and bread after 2...TONS of water and I lost 26lbs after my son was born:)

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Sorry you are getting bored with your routine I ve tried lots of things as what I want to do is tone up I m only 7 and a half stone but where I lost weigth your then need to tone up after dont you. I ve go loadds of different indoor things I use but I found for the stoomach a small wheel which you hold on both sides and push it in front of you as far as you can and then pull it back and you really feel it on the stomach working and II am starting to get muscles cefinition already which is what I want I dont want to be muscle bound just toned. I acutally bought that through Avon but I think argos do them and I expect they do them on line. Also you said about wight lose Kelp in tablet form is supposed to help and its very reasonable about 2.00 at my chemist and its nt a chemical tablet . Or there is a contact I use on ebay for other things they do as they do a lot of vitamins but they do a lot for slimming the site is called dermaslim, I f you need any more info please contact. I hope I ve been some help and hope to hear from you sometime soon. I have apparently got some messages already since joining two days ago but have not sussed out yet how to read them but will get there eventually as it would be great to meet new people especially at the moment take care paula

the times when i've felt the best about my body and fitness have been when i have a steady routine of running, some light lifting, and eating healthy. i think cardio is key for aerobic fitness and also burning calories, and if running isn't your thing try biking or swimming (at the gym or if you have access to a lake or outdoor facility that could work too). i just committed to a diet on Monday and i'm keeping a blog about it, so if you want to try to lose weight too and also blog about it let me know so i can read yours and follow your progress!

It's hard to provide you with much specific stuff without knowing more about your fitness level, any injuries or limitations, what sort of equipment you have access to, what sort of things you enjoy and most importantly, what your workout goals are. That said, some thoughts. Have you ever tried any of the military-inspired training programs? I notice that a lot of your experiences revolve around your husband. By using modified army-based training routines, it might have the benefit of both inspiring your workouts and also the odd effect of giving you the feeling of being closer to him in some strange way. Get him to design you a work out! Or, you could always look for a cross-fit gym ( in your area. They change their workouts *daily*, and their program is very much combat oriented, but able to accommodate beginners (if you find a helpful CF gym that is).