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Hi all.

I have been doing pushups mostly every day for a couple of years because i dont want to be weak and have arms like matchsticks, but Im comfortable with not being muscular to look at. I dont think that being very muscular is for me. A little muscular, but not too much. I havent bothered getting any dumb bells or gear for exercising as i think you can get by without having pro workout gear. I recently started lifting a brick that weighs about 4,2 kilos. My workout consists of 30 pushups and 100 lifts with the brick by each of my arms. I try to do this a few times a week. I think i can see progress, my torso looks a bit bigger and my arms are a tiny bit less thin than they were before i started using the brick and I have even recieved some compliments so Im happy with that and plan to stick with the brick for now.

P.S. Another advantage of using the brick as opposed to using a weight (which is easy to hold in your hand) is that my hands must work hard too and become stronger too. This is very useful in my opinion, also because i benefit from having stronger fingers when i play guitar and bass.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2007

Thanks cat. This story is years old now. But my workout is going well. I do 30 pushups, back stretches and stomach chrunches every night before bed. Works great. Might consider supplying that with a skipping rope and some chin ups beneath the stairs outside my room. How are you working out.

Yeah. But almost a year has passed since I wrote this story and I don't have a brick anymore. I do my 30 pushups and some times I pull myself up on an iron bar down in the kitchen using my arms.

Actually, that's pretty clever, since it engages your fingers in gripping the brick! that should really help with your guitar playing!