Used To Hate It Now Im Hooked.

Last year right before my 23 birthday I joined Weight Watchers, and was told that working out while it helped was not fully needed to lose the weight I wanted as long as I followed my eating plan each week. Well About 4 months in after losing a good amount of weight I decided to add work outs to my schedule as well knowing that it couldn't hurt anything only make things better. Well now it's a year later I have lost 80 pounds, and I'm addicted to walking, and working out. I joined Planet Fitness a couple of months back and hit the gym at least 4 times a week to use the machines, and I walk 5 miles each morning except on Sunday when I like to sleep in for a change. I love the feeling working out gives me I feel like I have so much more energyl, and it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day thinking that I accomplished something. I still have about 30-40 pounds left to go before I hit my real goal weight but I know as long as I stick to eating right and getting my workouts in I will reach that goal in no time.

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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Keep up the good work. :-)

congrats! i admire ur attitude!

Thanks! I actually just had my weekly weigh in yesterday morning for WW, and I was down 7.4 pounds for the last week I normally don't have that much of a loss at a time, but I had surgery the week before to remove my gallbladder so im guessing that helped get rid of a few extra pounds afterwards with all the water weight loss. I hope to reach my goal sometime in the next couple of months but I know the hardest part will be to keep working out and maintaining the loss. Thanks for the support.