Daily Workout

Since Janurary 2nd I have work out at the gym after work, each day,unless its snowed....then I work out at home....I really enjoy it. Due to my Illness and taking steriods.I became very heavy.So in the last 1 1/2 month.I lost weight,inches and down 6 sizes,I still have a long way to go...I hope by summer,I'll be back to my normal weight...its a long road to go.but I know it will be worth it....in the end....

fortyfourdoubled fortyfourdoubled
51-55, F
7 Responses Feb 22, 2010

please dont loose any weight off those 44ds!

It's great that you're working out. But you should not be taking steriods. With steriods there is only 1 positive (faster gains) & about 1,000+ negatives! (Far too many to list). I strongly suggest you drop the streiods if you want to live to a old age!

You said it right and once one gets going it is a pleasure to be working out

you are your on person if you want to work out do it for yourself no one else blondie55

It's so encouraging to hear your news i start my diet on the 12th march and i hope i can work at it as hard as you are doing.

ur right, it will be worth it, best wishes!

Its nothing better when all the hard work put into working out pays off...good for you!!!