Hi Folks

First time posting in this space (not EP though) and thought i'd join in with some fellow fitness freaks! :)

2 years ago, i founded kettlebells through my best mate (who is also my PT). I absolutely ADORED them....i've always been a 'sports' person, so going to the gym religiously was never really my bag....but i find kettlebells so versatile, and can fit them in around almost anything!

And, last month, my PT and I filmed 2 shows for LA Muscle TV! I was only supposed to film one show, but her other trainer was sick, so i ended up filming both shows on the same day....nearly 7hrs of filming later, and it was done! Fair to say i was pretty knackered! lol but they are now being aired! How exciting!

Am hoping to do a kettlebell DVD boxset with my PT in the not too distant future as well!

For any of you out there, who have seen kettlebells, but haven't yet used them....DO IT! But i'd suggest being taught how to use the properly first, by a professional, because if you're technique aint right, you can do yourself some serious harm!

TRX or Suspension training is also something i've just been introduced to, and LOVE!

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

You really should...they are awesome total body work out! :-) Give em a whizz and see for yourself!

Never used them. Seen them alot lately. Maybe I should give them a try.