I Can't Remember Feeling So In To Myself.


My name is Shandra and I work out. Well actually I just currently started working out. I'm 24 and as out of shape as I have ever been in my life 5'9'' 189 lb size 16 jeans #its getting to be too much#. Due to some crazy cosmic domino effects I respectively became a huge admirer of Jason "Mayhem" Miller, decided that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, and finished and added to a tattoo of great importance to me - the tattoo is a basic Sagittarius zodiac sign ( the old tat) and I added the word DECIDE under it proportionately. What it meant to me was basically stop living in limbo, make a choice and stand behind it, what ever it be. If anyone has see the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know" you can understand better why I'd tattoo these things on me.

 So all this has resulted in me doing 60 min on the treadmill ( for me right now thats around 3 1/3 to 1/2 mph) and working out on the Crossbow for as long as I can. For the first two days I maxed everything out, determined to start with a bang, and today I just worked my legs. I feel pretty proud of myself, and I look forward to constantly pushing myself.

I found a cool site that has plenty of Crossbow excersises-  My FitnessBliss.com. I had to do a Print Screen and paste it into paint to get a workout chart going but it was the most useful chart yet. I have a better idea of weight v.s. reps, I want to get long lean muscle so its reletivly moderate weight and usually 20 reps ( the last 5 are usually always the killers).  I try and usually am able to get lost in the motions, while keeping good form. Sets can very anywhere from at least 3 to how ever hard I push myself (6 or 7).

I cant wait until I'm able to post a bikini clad pic-o-victory...

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Good for you... You are def. taking the right steps in the right direction. <br />
Remember, stay focused and stay on track.<br />
I also am on the kick...<br />
I went from 290 to 195 in 7 months.....