Donut Shop

I work at a donut shop and work overnight. So that the donuts are fresha t 5 am. I work for usually 8 or 9 p.m. until 3,4, or 5 a.m.  I actually like it because there isn't really anything to do at that time of day anyway and i then have then days to do as I like.. I don't sleep very well at night anyway so that adds one more like to the list. It does sometime get crazy with the sleep patterns but, I am getting used to it. I work overnight Sun nights through basicly Friday morning early so I get to have Friday, Friday night all day Saturday and night, and Sunday until 7 or so off.. Pretty Good if I may say so myself. Of course the pay still sucks! But, it is a job.. Well, that is my story...


    Mistress Dawn

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2 Responses Oct 8, 2008

Actually. no once in a while I have one but, usually I can't eat them because I deal with them all the know what i mean..

Well, the night time sleep schedule was hard at first but, I got used to it. I just make the donuts not sell So, I actually don't know the prices... So, how much for a donut, I don't know...